Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ultimate Champion!!

This is Almas team from this last season. They won the championship and it was so much fun to watch.This is the team with all the fans that came to support their team. Their team had so many more fans than any other team.
After the championship game, we had a party at our house. Lately I have been the only one home so it was such a change to have around 22 people there. Considering I spend every night alone, even when without Alma.
Here is just a random photo of me and Alma at a park after a picnic. Just thought I would through this picture in here...

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Jeff and Anna too! said...

I like that you and Alma are twinners in that picnic picture. Remember your obsession with polos? I love it. When is Ultimate going to be an olympic sport? Or when are they going to have a pro league? UFA?