Friday, July 25, 2008

Our day off!

Somehow we both ended up with yesterday off, so we had a great time just the two of us at home.

Alma called about some internships and we both deep cleaned the house. Maybe I am nesting. We went through all the cupboards and everything and really got rid of a lot of extra stuff that we just don't need. (I guess I take after my Dad. "WHY AND WHERE ARE WE GOING TO STORE ALL THIS STUFF) I really do love throwing things away. (THANKS DAD, i am so glad i am not a pack rat)

I love my house when it is clean!!! It really just makes me happier!!! After all that cleaning I gave Alma the best haircut of his life... :) It turned out pretty good, I guess if it looks ok to me, then it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks. He is only trying to impress me he says, so when i ask him how he wants it cut, he just replies, "However you want it to look" it is kind of fun having that much control. :)

After that, since I was on such a cleaning fest, we decided to go and clean the car, inside and out. Man, does it look good! We bought new tires last week so you should see us driving down the road now. After all that, we decided to meet up with one of Alma's friend for pizza and a local place called Craigos. Alma and I split a pizza bomb and it was so yummy. So this picture is us having Pizza after a productive day :)

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