Monday, May 26, 2014

It’s the little things…


It is the little things that make me happy:

This cute boy.

IMG_1274 - Copy  IMG_1277 - Copy

He will go and play and then come up to me and put his hand on my leg and then run off again to go play. I love the little affection.

IMG_1288 - Copy

We have been storing in our backyard extra flagstone and buckets of granite and sand and they are all gone!!! Makes me so happy!


When Whitney gives the FHE Lesson and is so excited about being a part of it:

IMG_1323  IMG_1327

(Her crazy skirt above makes me happy)

Kaitlyn and her sweet spirit and her desire to do good and obey:


Finding a way to shop with Bradley. He is the hardest to shop with:

(And for Whitney to be so willing to push him.)


Whitney cracks me up with her sayings lately. Adding the phrase : Silly Goosie when she talks to me or when we were offering her a cookie and she kept being silly saying Yucky… blah!! She keeps things funny at our house.


Little one year olds helping in the kitchen make me happy:

IMG_1303  IMG_1308

Doing projects that I have been wanting to finish for years:


Eating lunch outside with my kids!


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