Monday, January 6, 2014



We got Bunk Beds and gave them to the girls on Kaitlyns Birthday. I love them. It opens up their room so much! They have adjusted to them well!


Brad is mobile. He is into everything. He is trying to get up the stairs in the bathroom to the shoe closet to nibble on shoes. You name it. Trying to get to my guitar and push it over to play it or pull down lamps. He seems so much more active then the girls ever were. It is a fun change but it does keep me on my toes more.


Whitney is still obsessed with Brad. She is all over him all the time. It is hard to keep him safe from her and she is pretty rough with him. Hopefully it dies down. We try so hard to keep her safe with him and to remind her to be gentle and put her in time out when she is too rough but it still happens a lot. We try to give her lots of time to hold him so she isn’t always all over him.


I found a place (Cari Osborne) where I can print a temple photo for less price so I printed it myself and framed it. It is so wonderful to have a large photo of the temple we were married in, in our home. I took this picture before I hung it.


I made my own tree skirt this year. Ruffled white skirt. Our elf TP’ed the tree the day I did it so that is why I tree looks the way it does.


I love these two sisters together. Especially when they are getting along.
PS who would have ever thought my bald 2 year old Kaitlyn would have this long of hair?




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