Monday, January 6, 2014


Brad has found the Piano and loves to crawl over and pull himself up and play the keys!


Christmas Eve

We did a dinner of lots of Appetizers. Mall Pretzels, Potato Skins, shrimp, lots of yummy food. Then we read some scriptures and looked at some church videos.

(Whitney refused to walk on Christmas Eve. Something was really bothering her foot but it got better each day)


Christmas Morning:

How fun it is to have kids on Christmas.
The girls got a Barbie playhouse with furniture. It was such a fun present.

We got the girls a couple things. They love playing with little people (dolls, action figures, barbies, polly pockets) so now all their things can play in the house. So much fun! 



Our 3 kids on Christmas!




Playing with the toys and the presents under the tree. My Mom and Dad came and stayed 2 nights even though they live 20 mins away. It was so much fun!


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Kenna said...

I came back again just to see Bradley playing the piano. So totally cute. I just wanna SQUEEZE him!