Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vacation Part 6

On our drive back to Phoenix we got to stop and look at the Hoover Dam. It was awesome to see. Alma or I had never been there before.

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This bridge was pretty awesome to see.

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Then we headed over and saw the Grand Canyon. It almost looked like a Painting. Whitney was running all over the place so we put her on Almas shoulders. I swear she loves to do the opposite of what we ask her to do. I guess she is 2. I felt like other people were stressed about her too. It was great to be able to see. Neither Alma or I had been there before.

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Vacation Part 5

My wonderful Grandma Chamberlain passed away the end of August, and since we were heading up there soon anyway, we didn’t make it to the funeral. I was super sad to not get to go but we went to visit my Grandpa on our way home and it was great to visit and cry with him, and to go see her sight and look out at the mountain view with him. She was the type of Woman that I will forever long to be like and she is greatly missed. It was a great opportunity to get to see my Grandpa and visit with him.


We stopped by our old apartment that we lived at in Utah and Kaitlyn didn’t remember living there. So sad. It was some great times too! She didn’t want to leave and when we were leaving she was begging if we could please move back because it was so cool. I sometimes wish we had more time there. It would be so much fun to live there now with the three kids. Those were some good times in our life that I will always cherish.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Vacation Part 4

Then we headed to see all of Almas family in Utah. It was such a great time and the weather was beautiful. We got to go to a park and eat pizza and play frisbee. Then we all hung out and played games and talked for 2 days. It was so wonderful.

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All of the nieces and nephews are getting so big and so many have passed me up on height. It is so fun to see how they have grown! We miss them all so much. It was wonderful. We got to see all 8 of Almas siblings! What a blessing and we are so grateful for them making an effort to come out and see us.

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I just love this picture below of Kaitlyn on the swing.. winking- that picture sums up her personality.

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Brads Cousins gave him a fun ride in the laundry basket! He may have spit up all over me when he was done. Winking smile

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Kaitlyn now wants a drum set for Christmas Winking smile

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Vacation Part 3

Since we were going to Az and already having to rent a car we decided to make our trip a big one and go and visit with Almas family. It was so great to be able to go to Almas Parents home and visit with them and have them see our kids. Especially Brad. It was a wonderful 4 days and Almas sister who also lives far from everyone came down and stayed there too while we were there. We used to live close to her family a long time ago and we miss her being so far. It was a great time with playing and doing puzzles and making leather key chains and sharing good company. We sure do miss Almas parents a lot and are so glad we got to spend some time with them.


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