Monday, November 4, 2013


Well here we are 5 1/2 almost 6 months since we have had Brad. He is such a sweet boy. Here are some things about him.

He is so smiley! He is just a happy baby. I feel so very blessed to have his happy nature in our home. He loves to smile and cries when he is hungry and tired. Seriously, such an easy going baby who just loves the world around him.

 009  007  057

He is nursing, every now and again I will give him a bottle. Sometimes when I know I will be out and I just don’t have the chance to feed him. Like when we went trick or treating. It is nice that he can take a bottle. Whitney wouldn’t and I felt like I couldn’t go anywhere. It is nice to feel like he is taken care of when I am not around.

030  029  032 

He is super active. He loves to move. Roll. And he is trying really hard to crawl. He moves his arms up and down a lot. Sometimes it hits me in the face but he is just excited about something.

Sleep. Well, he is not the best at sleeping. We have had to sleep train him since we got home from vacation. He is doing about what he should be. Down by 7pm up at 1am and 5am and then up for the day at 7:30am, lately he has added a new feeding at 11pm. I am trying to not go to him but he always falls back asleep so quickly and sleeps for while to it is hard to not go to him. When he does that he is up at 11pm 4am and then 7am. Still not horrible. Those nights it feels like he is only up once at 4am.

027  022  108

I don’t mind getting up with him for now. But sometime in the next couple months I will need to stop.

He is so giggly and he just loves his sisters. He is always watching them.

To me he just seems like he has the sweetest heart. He is melting my heart every day.

He is just a calm loving happy guy. I love his rolls and his smile! Can’t believe he belongs to Alma and I. I feel so blessed. We looked at some of Almas baby pictures and I see a lot of Alma in Brad. I love having a boy! I even love dressing him up! 

 115  094  098

He reminds me a lot of Kaitlyn. They look alike to me and they were both so active and wanting to go. It will be so much fun to see the person that he becomes and the things that he will love and do! We love you Brad!


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