Friday, February 22, 2013

Family in-away…


Whitney cracks me up. When I give her a drink she says it is too cold and needs me to wrap a towel around it. It made me laugh watching her walk around with her sippy cup like this.

002         003

I have decided that weekends are starting to get away from me and I want to do more things that are memorable as a family. So I try to plan something fun every weekend. We decided instead of getting away on vacation we would have an in-away. We grilled hot dogs and made muddy buddies and then we watched a movie. We all slept downstairs. We brought down the Queen bed and Kaitlyns new twin bed and Kaitlyns old toddler bed for Whitney to sleep in. It was such a fun night. The girls didn’t fall asleep till probably 10:30pm. But it was worth it.

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