Tuesday, February 5, 2013



Almost every morning, Whitney wakes up first and we hang out together. Get breakfast and then when we hear Kaitlyn awake we go up and Kate and Whitney cuddle forever on Kates bed. It is super cute. I can’t believe how big they are getting. Whitney is just growing up and she thinks that she is just as old as Kaitlyn. I love that they show so much affection to one another.


IMG_7355 IMG_7357

My friend Princess from High School, came into town from living over seas and had a get together. It was great to catch up and meet her little girl! Such a cutie and it was so great to get to say hello before she was off again.


I just have to point this out but doesn’t Whitney look almost as big and long as Kaitlyn. Look at her legs! I feel like she looks so big in this photo! She is a lot taller than Kaitlyn was at her age. My baby Whitney isn’t even 2 yet! They grow too fast!

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