Monday, August 27, 2012

Seattle Part 2


This blogging has totally been on the back burner… but here are my last pictures of our trip.

We got a family picture taken. Every one was in it.


I got to meet Clair Bear


The Boys got to be cool riding in the Jeep

590  592

While the girls were cool riding in the Van.



 597 618

We picked blueberries. Which it was so much cooler (weather) than when doing it in Houston. 

627 629

 636 637 638

 642  645

Isn’t my sisters view from her house Amazing!!! 


We ate tons of yummy foods!

Played games

 655 657

The Men had their own Olympics

 668 669

Kids played in the water


We celebrated 5 years!!!

 5 Yearsz 

Of course every family has to have a minute to win it party!

 741 743 754 759

My Gorgeous sister who planned it all and rocked the House!

(aren’t her and her hubby the cutest?!? I think it is their thing to steal peoples camera and take photos of themselves. I always have great surprise photos of them whenever I get home from Vacation)


Kaitlyn loved playing with the cousins… getting down and dirty!



And of course playing Kinect Dance! So fun!!


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Nicki Wilson said...

I love looking at your pictures!! You guys look so good and your girls are beautiful. Miss you guys!!! Hopefully we'll be able to meet up some time in the near future :)