Friday, November 18, 2011

Field Trip to the Fire Station


  A friend of mine set up a Field Trip to visit the Firestation just a few blocks from our house. It was fun to get to go last Friday afternoon and see the Fire Truck and spray the hose. The Fire Fighters were so nice and made it fun for the kids. Kaitlyn was scared to get in the Fire Truck, but Whitney jumped right in.(with my help of course) I think Kaitlyn was actually scared of the man helping the kids in. I didn’t think that was the reason but when she turned down spraying the hose, I started to ask her why and if she was scared of the Fireman and she said Yes. So with my help she got to spray the big hose.



One of the Moms got to sport all the Heavy Gear. I can’t imagine fighting a fire in Texas, being in those hot clothes, coming out of the fire and still being in 104 degree weather. Not being able to get away from the heat. Whew! That hose would be a traditional thing I would want to play in after all was taken care of and I got out of this suit.





The kids above with Kaitlyn are our neighbors who live 2 doors down. We love playing with them!



Playing in the hose!



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