Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Family Update


Nothing is too new with us, but I wanted for my records to write a few things that are going on with us as a Family at this time.

Alma is working hard at an Accounting firm downtown. He is up early (which he is awesome at, I am the type that has to hit the snooze button at least 3 times) He works hard and during the busy seasons even harder. He is currently serving as the Wolf Leader in Scouts and also teaches that age in Primary on Sundays. 7-8 year olds.

He does have some opportunities to continue to do his love of sports. There is basketball on the weekend along with Frisbee and after Scouts there is Volleyball.

He is such a great Dad and is so great with the girls when he is home. He really steps in and helps get them to bed and give them all the love that he can before the drift off to sleep.

As for me, I am just loving being a Mom of my two girls. They are such sweethearts and there is a lot of laughter in our home. I love making meals and cleaning the house and trying new recipes and pretending to be “Teacher Suzie” with Kaitlyn. It has been fun to just do a little bit of “school” with crafts and learning for Kaitlyn and it gives me something to do and to keep occupied with.

I am currently serving as the Young Women Laurel Advisor. It has been such a neat experience and the girls in our ward are such Spiritual Giants. It is great to be able to see these girls a few times a week and to be able to work with them. It has been a great experience preparing the lessons and being able to work with the girls and to spend time with them at Mutal each week.

I spend my days, playing and laughing with my girls, meal planning and shopping for the family, going to parks and playing outside, meeting up with friends from the Ward, and when I get the chance and my girls are cooperative, I go to the church where the Women play Basketball and Volleyball. Also, get together with my Parents, which has been such a Blessing to have them close and to not get too lonely while Alma works.


As for Kaitlyn, she is just a barrel of laughs. She is constantly in the world of Pretend. She makes me smile all the time. She is a sweet sister always. Kaitlyn is constantly saying sweet things to everyone around her, like “I love you, Mom” and “You are my Best friend.”

I love seeing her each morning and I love to hear all the cute thoughts that have been really coming out of her recently. She is almost 3 and she is super excited to have a Birthday. She is obedient and understanding when I have to tell her something that she doesn’t want to hear. Of course we still have some fits but there are a lot of times, she just says to me, “Ok Mom” She always has imaginary friends around her. ALWAYS. There names and Dora, Diego, Boots, Rapunzel, and Gauk, and Gauka.

She comes up with Random silly made up words that don’t mean anything and she gets a kick out of it.

Recently she talks a lot about her “Wife” She is always pretending to have a “Wife” by her. “Mom, this is my wife” Not sure how she came up with that word. I might have told her that Dad is not my dad but I am his wife. Too cute the way they take some words and make them their own.

The other day she wanted Alma to do something, and she said, “You have to Dad, because you are my Dad and you can do it. You can do everything” I seriously love listening to the things she says. I need to write them down a lot more.

She has truly become my best friend.


Lastly, there is Whitney. She is such a happy girl. She is constantly smiling and laughing. She is a cuddle bug and it is so cute. When she is on the floor just playing if you lay next to her she will without hesitation put her head against yours and cuddle in and such her thumb. It is the cutest thing ever.

She takes two naps a day. One from 9-11am and then another from 1-3pm. Give or take a half an hour on both naps. She mostly wakes up around 6:45-7am. Sometimes as late as 8:30am. Goes down around 6:30-7pm. She is sneaky though, when she wakes she doesn’t make noise. She doesn’t cry so sometimes I have to really listen on the Monitor or go check on her to see if she is awake. She just lays in her bed so content for an hour if I let her. It is hard because some mornings she is so quiet and I go peek on her and she is wide awake just playing in her crib making no noise.

She still loves to suck her thumb and she loves food. She is getting so good at really moving around but she is not crawling yet. She spins in circles and rolls all over the place and really gets around on the floor to where she wants to go. She gets up on her knees but still doesn’t seem interested in crawling. Which is ok with me. She pretty much stays where I put her and I don’t have to worry about the stairs yet.

She loves her family a ton! She really knows each of us and you can tell she just adores us all. She has a really sweet soft personality and she hardly ever cries. She loves when we take her hands and make her walk around the house. Almost every day when Alma gets home, he takes her in his arms and lays her horizontal like superman and has her chase Kaitlyn around the house. She loves it A TON! She laughs so much when Kaitlyn is around. We can’t get enough of her and she is just such a blessing to have in our lives. Hard to imagine what our life was like before we had her.

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