Monday, September 5, 2011



I just bought a few pieces of equipment for recording music, I really want to get into it again. Writing and singing.
But I am having a bit of writers block. And I thought it would be fun to ask if anyone has any ideas for a song... maybe a line or two that could get me started for writing a song?
If it ever went big you could get a percentage of the earnings. ;)
Which most likely will never happen.
But when I write it I can post a video of it and you can think,
"I helped write that song!!!"
Could be fun!!!

1 comment:

Kenna said...

How about . . .

Look! Way up there! There's a monkey with no hair, smiling down at me!


Jessie, my love! Jessie, my darling! I have wandered thru the nights, just to find you - u u u

Hahaha! Just had to share and get a smile on your face! I'll try to think of a real one! :)