Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's always one...

Two kids. I wasn't sure how it was going to be. I had heard some moms say, "For me, 2 was an adjustment." Others said 3 or 4 was. I am not sure which will end up being the hardest for me. For me so far, two has gone really smooth. Kaitlyn is super patient with what I need to do for Whitney and has never gotten angry at me or Whitney. She has been fantastic about it all, and now that we have made it 5 months, I have been surprised at how much easier it was to adjust from 2 than adjusting to one.
One was hard for me. I have heard moms talk about how easy their baby is and being a Mom, and I couldn't figure out how come I found it so hard. Kaitlyn was a harder baby. Now I know why those Moms said it was easy. They had Baby Whitneys. Easy babies who sleep. I think I felt like I couldn't do anything when Kaitlyn was little and awake but just sit and smile and play with her. She didn't sleep more than 30 mins during the day and was up every 2 hours in the night. Even just adjusting to the life of being a mom and not being able to go anywhere when I wanted was an adjustment.
When Whitney came, I feel like I just added one more cute child in my lifes madness. And it has been easy. She is a sweet baby who doesn't mind playing alone when I need her to, doesn't mind her older sister loving on her and trying to get her to play, and when I do love on her and give her lots of attention she is all smiles. She has been such a sweet baby and so adjusting to two wasn't quite what I thought it would be.

The only thing that I have noticed myself saying a lot lately is the line,
"It's always one."
I guess this is the biggest adjustment of having two kids for me. I don't have as much quiet time or "me" time.
Which is ok because Kaitlyn stopped taking naps about a year ago, so I am more used to it now that there are two. And the more kids I have, the more it will be so. And I am accepting that.

Lately it seems like I am always with one from almost the time I wake until I sleep. One wakes up earlier than the other almost every single day. Not by like 15 min, 30 mins or 1 hour. Usually like 1 1/2 -2 hours earlier. They both don't wake up early or sleep in. They are always taking turns. I just keep hearing myself say, "It's always one."
They hardly ever are both cranky and needy at the same time. Which, I wouldn't do well if it was both at the same time. So I am glad it is only one at a time.
Each night one goes down super easy and the other not so much.
It's always one.
Whitney will sleep through the night and Kate will be up in the night for 3-4 nights straight. Needing her blankets on or help with the Potty. And then the next night Kate will sleep and never wake, and Whitney will wake. Every now and again I get both. but mostly I feel like...
It's always one.
They seem to surprise me too. The one I think will be up early isn't.

I have been trying to get Kaitlyn to nap a few times a week since she hasn't been sleeping at night very well. Summers are hard when it is sunny from 6am-9pm. Yesterday, I really planned and got it all set up so both could nap at the same time. But as soon as Kate falls asleep, we are talking seconds later... seconds later! Whitney is up. Usually she naps for 2 hours but it seems that she only wanted to take a 30 min nap. I think she new her sister was napping and she wanted some one on one time with me. She was super giggly and happy.
My Mom and Dad came and took Kaitlyn out for a little date a few days ago, and as soon as they left Whitney woke and as soon as Whitney went down Kaitlyn came home. I guess it is hard that I don't get some me time alone, but I am a mom now. It won't happen that much.
It's always one.
I do feel grateful that I get lots of one on one time with each throughout the day because of this and so I really don't mind it so much. I think it is just so ironic that they sure know how to keep me running. It is like they plan it this way.

But I get one on one time with Kate some mornings before Whitney wakes up and then that night or during Kates nap I will get good one on one time with Whitney and visa versa.
I love those times alone with them and I love the times with us all together. But boy, do they keep me running! Just when I think I am going to catch my breath they throw me for a loop. Which I know motherhood is all about and I am JUST beginning. I know too that I will miss these crazy non-stop times. At least that is what they say.
I love these girls and they do keep me busy, and I would not have it any other way.
Yesterday Kaitlyn told Whitney that she is her Best Friend. Makes a Moms Heart melt and I hope they are the best of friends throughout life.


Jeff and Lauren said...

I totally understand where you are coming from! I am experiencing this right now! Mom's are way more busy than I ever could have imagined before I had kids. It's fun!

Sarah Walker said...

Jessica! Can I just say I miss you! I love this post. I feel like I can kind of get an idea what it will be like with 2. You're girls are adorable, but I know how precious alone time is. Hope you get some soon!