Monday, July 26, 2010

Bake Reunion and Natties Wedding

So we headed down to Nevada for Almas family reunion and had a blast
Here are all the kids playing in the washtub.

Kate and Dad

These next two pictures were taken by my very talented sister in law Teri!
I love these pictures!!!

Grandpa made and pool to cool down. It got pretty hot!

Then the next weekend we headed to Rexburg from my old roommates wedding!
The night before we went to get icecream!

She looked so beautiful!
Nattie and Brenda!

Monday, July 12, 2010

dO wE LiVe In ThE cOoLeSt ApArTmEnT oR wHaT?

So tonight we played games in our Apartment complex and afterwards, we set up a huge swing using the trees in our apartment complex.
It was so much fun!!!
Here are some pictures.... and like I said, Do we live in the coolest place or what!?!!?!? Seriously, everyday is a party! I love it!

Getting ready to go!

Look ma! I am upside down!

Should I try a backflip?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

AwEsOmE, GrEaT, FuN wEeKeNd GeTaWaY!

This last weekend, we were invited to go to a friend of ours "Family Cabin" and it was so AWESOME!

I got to spend my weekend in a beautiful place like this....

Kaitlyn got to hold a 2 month old baby
She LOVES babies.

We played childish crazy games... and got wayyy into them.

Sung and played guitars...

Played more games up until 1:30am and then talked until 3:30am

Made cookie dough at midnight!!

Put together PuZzLeS super fast
These two guys did the whole puzzle of Noahs Ark (500 pieces) in an hour and a half

Relaxed in the beautiful cabin and rocked in these amazing rocking chairs

Played Latterball!


Played with the other kids there!

Had a campfire

Hung out with our loved ones!

Played the silly games some more...

Had lots of fun talking with friends!

Got sleepy

Played fun games while being really tired!

Woke up and played more games!

Got in touch with our feelings while enjoying the beautiful outdoors

The whole GANG!!!

Gotta do a crazy face picture!

It was seriously one of the best weekends we have had with friends! Thanks for everything (those who planned... cooked... clean.... played.....slept.... and of course ate... which there was a lot of eating!!!) It was such fun!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kaitlyn is a Blast!

This girl is a hoot! I love everything about her! I hate not being around her too! I thought I would need more time away, time to relax but when I am not around her I miss her tons! She is just keeping my life interesting and I can't imagine my life without her!

Our old neighbors from Rexburg came to visit us for a night! It was so fun to see them and get to see how their little boy is growing. Kaitlyn loved Everett! They stayed the night at our place and when she woke up (she was in our room in the pack and play) the 1st thing she said was "Everett!" She knew he was at our house and she was ready to play! Thanks for coming Todd and Nicki! It was great to see you!

Soooo Handsome!

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3rd and 5th of July

For the 3rd we got together with some friends and went to the field by our house to watch Fireworks. It was great to be able to walk there and not have to deal with traffic. The women talked while the sunset and the men played frisbee... then we enjoyed the Fireworks. It was tons of fun!

I love this girl!

The gang... excluding Christina... she was taking the picture


About 10 days ago, my sister sugguested that I run a 5K. 3.1 miles for the run that our city was doing on the 5th of July. As I was signing up I thought... I have run 3 miles quite often, why not push myself and go for a 10K -6.2 miles. So I started training with just a little over a week. Unfortunately, I got plantis facitious in my right foot, so I could only run at night, after is was warmed up for the day. I almost decided to cancel the whole thing but then I decided to go for it. I wrapped my foot up and warmed up nice and good before the race at 7am. The run was awesome. Never did I feel like quiting, and I didn't walk once! Which when I ran 5 miles a few days before I had to walk prob 2-3 times. (Stopping for lights mainly) but I am not going to lie.... I was glad the light made me stop. It was such a great experience. After the 5th mile my foot started to hurt alittle and by the end the other one was hurting in the same way. If you ask me, I think I have bad running shoes. But I finished and it was AWESOME! My time was 1 hour and 9 mins... Probably could have pushed myself a lot more but I mainly was going for distance, not speed. Not too bad I think for just a week of training.
Here I am coming into the finish.... and I am super excited to see Alma and Kaitlyn. My cousin told me when she did her 1st race and she got to the end she started to cry... I don't know what it was but when I saw them I did get a little emotional!
They are such great supporters!

Me and Kacey with our metals and in our shirts!!

My great family!