Wednesday, April 22, 2009

sEaTtLe TrIp!

We are finally home! Right after Kaitlyn was born, a week and a half, we moved to Texas for Almas Internship. Now we are back in our Apartment in Rexburg and I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it feels to be together as our little family in our own space! It was such a great experience in Texas but it sure does feel good to be home! Alma drove back from Texas to Idaho all by himself and since we didn't want to drive with Kaitlyn, we decided me and her should fly. Since i had to buy a ticket anyway, I figured why not see my Sister Kenna in Seattle on the way! It was so much fun to get to see her family and be able to spend some good quality time with them! Thanks again Kenna for an awesome week!

Here is Jayna and Lilly (Kennas girls) with Kaitlyn! Cousins!
Us riding a Ferry in Seattle!
They were being Silly! Love it!
Kaitlyn with The Smith Gang
So since Kaitlyn was born, less than 5 months ago, she has been on 6 planes.

From Salt Lake to Phoenix/ Phoenix to Houston/ Houston to Denver/ Denver to Seattle/ Seattle to Salt Lake/ Salt Lake to Idaho Falls.

WHEW~ That was a lot!

She has been in different 7 States!
Idaho/ Nevada/Utah/Arizona/Texas/Colorado/Washington

She is quite the traveler if I may say so myself. She did awesome on all of those plane rides except Seattle to Salt Lake. So I can't complain!

It sure is great to be home!

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