Wednesday, January 21, 2009

7 WeEkS!

Well... Kaitlyn is growing fast. I cant believe how fast these last seven weeks have gone!

When your pregnant, those last seven weeks take forever! Then when she is here, it goes a lot quicker! It is weird to think I haven't had a full nights rest in almost two months!

(More if you count those nights she was kicking me and keeping me awake while pregnant.)

And I probably won't have a good nights rest again.... until my youngest is 21 years old. Or at least this is what my mom happily informed me.

She seems to be growing so fast and is really starting to let her personality shine through. It is so wonderful to learn who she is and the spirit that she brings into our lives. It is amazing how much personality they can show when they are this little~

I love her pout!
She doesn't make noise when she does it and it is the cutest thing in the world. Sometimes we like to let her cry it out so we can see her pout. I just know that this is how she is going to get Daddy wrapped around her finger.

Dressing her up in Blue Jeans... like a Big Girl!


Nicki said...

I love the pictures! She's soooo cute!

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

I laughed SO hard at that pouting picture!! Tooooo cute. I can't wait till you guys come back!!