Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Am I showing yet?

So here is an update of my growing baby- around 35 weeks pregnant! I am definitely feeling pregnant and getting excited and anxious. For the first 6 months of pregnancy, I would always ask Alma if I was showing yet, it is fun to ask him now- ( cuz I am ) My oldest sister asked for the newest photo, so here you go Kenna!

Sorry the only thing on our blog is pictures of me getting bigger. Soon we will have pictures of Kaitlyn to show off (that is the name we have decided on)


karibates said...

I love the name Kaitlyn - so cute! Can I call her Kate, or is that off limits.
(It's ok if it is- you notice that our daughter is KIMBERLY and not Kim or Kimmy)
Can't wait to meet her!

PS I tagged you on my blog :)

Margaret said...

Kaitlyn is a great name. Hope all goes well with the delivery.

Kacey said...

You look cute, and getting so close. I can't believe how long your hair looks!

Kenna said...

Thanks for posting photos you cutie! You look like you are carrying high? You sure it's a girl?

Ellen and Cameron said...

Yay your almost there! Are you SO anxious? I remember being so tired of pregnancy! Good luck with everything, You'll be a great mom!

shipples said...

yes. you are.