Friday, August 1, 2008

Our fun day together!

I had this last Thurs off and Alma only had to go in for 3 hours so we went to Idaho Falls to the mall, had lunch at a deli and then we bought Cubs hats. Ever since we have been together we have been talking about getting Cubs hats so we can really support the team- Then they had one of those booths that takes your picture and prints out a copy for you so we took a picture with our new hats (making silly faces of course). It was such a fun day to spend together!


Anonymous said...

Love the hats!!! So, Jessica were you a Cubs fan even before you met Alma? How's the pregnancy? Hope to see you soon.

Kenna said...

How cute! You look like you are in wedded bliss. Love your cute faces, it makes you guys look so young! Can't wait to see you!

Emily and Mike said...

your cubs fans! So am I!!!!! YAY cubs