Sunday, March 10, 2013

32 weeks


Well, we are at 32 weeks with this little baby boy! Not the best picture but I wanted to document my growing tummy! I am feeling bigger each day. I am so grateful for this pregnancy. It has been good to me thus far. I feel like he moves a lot and is pretty active! Which is always a comfort to know that he is doing well. I feel like I am carrying different with him then with the girls but who really knows.

I am plugging along and some days I just can’t stop thinking about him and what he will be like and how I wish he was coming already and then other days I think about how much easier he is to take care of inside of my tummy and that there is no rush to have him come out. I am due May 6th, but considering my other pregnancies I am sure we will go over a week or so. I really want him to come on his own. Easier said than done when you get to the end and past the due date. But I am really going to try to give him a good 8-10 days over his date for him to come before I induce. I induced with both girls so it would be fun to do it differently this time. 

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Shannon Beck said...

Only 2 more months left for you!!! Exciting!! I can totally relate with your feelings. I go back and forth with feeling excited and overwhelmed. You look great!!