Monday, February 20, 2012

I am totally that Mom who…



…loves to dress my girls alike. We all try to match for church too. Even Alma matches his Tie. I love it. But I must be honest, they don’t have a lot of the same exact clothes. Mainly because Whitney gets everything Handed down to her. But I love dressing my girls alike if I can. Even if we all wear the same colors. The other day I was at the store and I had dressed in purple and put Whitney in purple, and as I was getting Kate dressed, I thought… well since I subconsciously dressed us in purple I might as well put her in purple too. So we were all matching as we grocery shopped. We even got a few comments about it. I might as well do it now before they get too old and don’t want to match me anymore. 

038 I love watching my girls interact. Kaitlyn has gotten to the point where she LOVES Whitney. When Whitney was first born, she was small and didn’t do much, so I don’t think Kate noticed her much, but now that Whitney is everywhere and a lot more fun, Kaitlyn can not keep her hands off of her. Sometimes she just gets so excited to see Whitney that she is almost like she can not contain the love and it almost comes out like she is about to hurt her. She just sees her and gets this look like, WHITNEY!!!! I JUST WANNA SQUEEZE YOU!!!!! It is cute but sometime I have to tell her to give Whitney some space and not touch her so much and she always responds with, But MOM! I just love WHITNEY SOOO MUCH! It is cute, but sometimes hard for me. She just wants to hug on her all the time. Whitney is a good sport about it. She loves Kaitlyn so much! They just laugh and play all the time. Her face really lights up when she sees Kate. It is so fun to see them together.  Who knows, maybe Whitney will be bigger than Kate one day and get to Hug her tons and love on her lots!! 043

Well, they are starting to look more like sisters to me. At first they seemed so different, but even with their differences, they look like sisters to me. I love being able to cuddle up with these girls whenever I want.

I did want to mention a few differences between them two. (More for my record) I love that even though I had another girl, they are totally their own separate people. Love it! Alma and I decided that Kate is a lot like me and Whitney is a lot like him. No wonder they get along so well. ;)

Kate was scared of the vacuum. Whitney loves it! And by loves it I mean giggles and chases it where ever it goes.

Kaitlyn would eat anything. Whitney has a little more picky taste.

Kaitlyn never threw food on the floor when eating. Gravity is Whitneys favorite game.

Kaitlyn could not walk soon enough. Whitney is very content with how well crawling is working out for her.

Kaitlyn did not love to sleep. Whitney does so well and takes great naps.

Kate had no hair. Whitney has hair.

Kate didn’t get her 1st tooth till about 11 months. Whitney was about 7.

Kate babbled a lot, she has always been so social and talks all the time!  Whitney is more of an observer. But she does seem to have a pretty good sense of humor when she does make noise, like she is trying to make us laugh.

Kate loved binkies. Whitney loves her thumb.

Kaitlyn was not a huge fan of the car. Whitney does so well in the car.

Kate loved everybody super outgoing and was not a Mommas girl. Whitney is a total Mommas girl and has Stranger Danger!

Kate loved to sleep on her tummy. Whitney is always on her left side. ( I never find her on her tummy)

I love your differences and your similarities girls! You are such a delight to be a Mom to!

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Mindy said...

That is so cute! THey can stand at the little kitchen together. I bet they'll be best buds. Hope you are doing well!!