Thursday, January 19, 2012

C is for Cookie

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Don’t you love how when you give kids something… Candy, sandwich, cookie, popsicle and they are so messy with it. I eat the same thing as them and I don’t get it all over me. But I am starting to wonder if you can’t truly enjoy it unless it is all over you when you are done. I sometime have a hard time letting them be messy but I am working on just letting them dive in, make a mess and clean them up later. I guess in life, we need to not worry about some of these little things. I feel like I need to let loose with letting things get messy. There are many little things that matter. Keeping on top of my childrens’ manners and discipline of course, But things that don’t hurt anyone… like getting super messy while eating or playing with dried up play dough even though Mom KNOWS it will be all over the table and floor in tons of pieces…  I need to remember to let my kids be kids and get messy. Play with sidewalk chalk and bubbles…

(Oh bubbles. They drive me nuts with how messy they are. Watching kids try to blow bubbles and dip the wands in the jar… well, lets just say my OCD really comes out.)

So here is one of my new years resolution, Remember to let my kids be kids. Even if I have to clean up a mess at the end. It is easier to let them have fun and clean later than trying to keep them clean while they are doing it. I have found in the end we both have a lot more fun when we just let our hair down and get messy.  Have I really forgotten what it was like to be a kid? I guess I just need to remind myself sometimes.


Anna said...

I HATE BUBBLES, TOO!! I get so annoyed when Rachel tries to do it, and it drips all down her arm. It took me a long time to be "okay" with Rachel feeding herself, too. So messy! I'm right there with you!

Mandy said...

I'm glad I am not alone in the having a hard time letting your kids be messy thing. I have to consciously allow it too......but it IS worth it. LOVIN' these pictures and posts. {I'm playing catch up}