Saturday, February 20, 2010

Billy Joel Rocks my socks off~

So on Saturday Night we had the oppurtunity to go and see Billy Joel and Elton John. I listened to Billy Joel a lot as a kid (because of my dad) I know almost all the words to all his songs and there is something about listening to him that takes me back. My brother put together an evening so we could all go together and watch Bro. Joel (as my Dad calls him). It was so much fun. It was Jared, his friend, Kacey, Alma and I. Lets just say Billy Joel ROCKS! even at his age now! Seriously, such a good performer! Anyhoo, I like a lot of Elton Johns songs, but I didn't feel like he really was enjoying himself as much as Billy Joel. It was so much fun! I loved our seats cuz we had a good view of Billy Joel. Here is a pic of where we sat, Billy Joel is in the bottom right closest to us, and Elton is sitting across from him on his piano. So awesome! Thanks Jared for the evening and Thanks Shannon and Owen for watching Kaitlyn! I meant soooooooo much!
(there is a video of Billy Joel singing at the bottom of this post)
So many fans!
Here is Kate after eating some yummy pudding!
In her new hat and sweater from Grandma Chamberlain. Cute in purple!

Big eyes like her Daddy!

We made these pizza rolls, made with pizza crust dough, cheese and pepperoni's and baked them in the oven! Sooooo yummy!

Kate and Alma watching Tv. I love how she just sits with him, mostly if he has food. Her shirt fits perfect for this picture.... "Daddys girl"

Piano Man himself!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Picking Door Berries/Funny Daddy

Kaitlyn is always so entertaining. I love her imagination. She has just been so much fun to have around. Sometimes I wonder where she comes up with some of the things she does, but I love it and don't want her to ever stop.

Here she is "Picking Berries from the tree of Entrance" (our front door) and feeding them to Alma. Too cute.

And of course, Daddy reading Dr. Seuss is hilarious. At least Kaitlyn thinks so. Whenever he reads to her, she just cracks up the whole time. Not when I read to her though. Too funny!