Monday, October 12, 2009


So Kaitlyn and I went to Texas to visit my parents. We were there for 10 days and it was so much fun!! Grandma and Grandpa Chamberlain were so fun and did a good job of giving Kaitlyn the attention she needs.
Here are some pics of the things we did!

Mom and Kate

Out to Lunch at the RED ROBIN... YUM!

Showing love to her dolly
(she kept patting the dolls back and hugging it
So cute!)

Doing a great job of getting into all of Grandmas Cupboards!

Eating Dinner!
(this is when she would show off the most!)

Licking the spoon clean after we made rice crispy treats!

Grandma Chamberlain loves to let her run in just a diaper! So FREE!

Bought her a Halloween Costume of an Angel

Went to Old Town Springs for lunch!

She found a roll out of my Diaper bag and the paper it was wrapped in was stuck to her feet. So cute! It was stuck to her foot FOREVER!

Of course, you have to play in the hose in Texas!

It was so hott while we were there!

Mom and Kate after Lunch!

Grandpa and Kaitlyn

Grandma and Kaitlyn

Washing up after she ate
(for some reason she would always squak after dinner for the washcloth! She just wanted to clean her self off I guess)

And then we headed back home!
It is great to be back in the swing of these in Provo and we missed Alma very very much!
Here was Kate this morning.
She always wants to play deep under the table~


Jess and Tom Roberts said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE her halloween costume. SO jealous that you guys were in warm weather though. i hate the cold.

Nicki Wilson said...

I can't believe how big she's getting!! Can't wait to see ya guys!

.:Anna:. said...

I miss you two

Venturing Vosses said...

Oh so fun! I love seeing uncle Kent and aunt Dianne! Such fun family you have. Looks like a good time was had in TX. I have to go visit my bro there someday!