Monday, December 29, 2008

Enjoying the weather in Texas~

So we are really enjoying the weather here in Texas. It is the end of December and we are outside walking around, pushing Kaitlyn in a stroller, Alma in shorts and both of us in short sleeves. It is so weird to think that back home it is so incredibly bitter cold.

I did notice all the Texans had sweaters and jackets on. I guess that is what happens after you have been here awhile. Temp. in the 70s is cold.

It is great to get out of the Idaho weather just at the right time. Every now and again we look at the weather there and feel sorry for those who are freezing. Scraping their cars early in the morning... just the thought makes me cold!

We are going to be here in Texas till the middle of April for an internship that Alma got with a company in Houston. I am so proud of everything he is doing. He is so amazing in so many ways, and he really takes care of our little family. We truly feel blessed~

Alma did the drive all by himself and now knows how big Texas really is.

We are enjoying the time we get to spend with my parents playing Tennis and basketball and of course putting puzzles together and playing "Clue"

Us + outside + without coats + the end of DECEMBER = HAPPY!

Here is something that every mom loves to see... She really is Daddy's little girl.

Love it!

I love dressing her up for church.

I kept asking Alma if I am going overboard with dressing her up... it is just way too fun!! She has more clothes than I do. Have to get good use of them all before she is too big for em!


Teri said...

OK, I'm envious of the warm weather. We left Post Falls with 2 feet of snow and returned last night to find it had snowed another foot. It snowed a lot today too. The boys spent all day digging out our garbage can so we'd be ready for garbage day tomorrow. I wonder if the garbage truck will even make it.

Jeff and Anna too! said...

I still can't get over how much I love that new background and front photo-manifimus!

karibates said...

So envious of your lovely weather! And how smart of you to plan your return to the cold country in April when it will be getting too hot in Texas! Rory and I had it backwards for years - we spent several winters in UT and then spent the summers in Vegas.

Cute cute baby, by the way!